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NP 246 Transfer Case
Rebuild Kits / Parts
Drivetrain Parts Las Vegas offer quality New Process model NP246 transfer case rebuild kits and parts. These kits are designed to be top of the line professional overhaul kits. A Transfer case illustration is provided to assist you in part identification and the assembly sequence. The NP246 transfer case is found in General Motors, Chevrolet, 1999 and later Chevrolet/GMC 4WD 1/2 Ton Pickup Silverado/Seirra, Suburban, Tahoe & Yukon 4 wheel drive vehicles.
We have a transfer case cross reference and identification page to help assist you in correctly identifying your transfer case Click Here
= Specials
NV30603 Case Half Rear NP246 w/Gaskets, O' Rings and Seals Kit This includes the BRNY Transfer Case Saver for FREE a $39.95 Value $254.95
BK351 Bearing Overhaul kit - Gm Apps 1998-On $104.95
BK351-A Bearing Overhaul kit - Dodge Only 1996-On $107.95
TSK-246 Gasket/Seal Kit 1998-On $18.33
MW52007 Transfer Case Saver prevent oil pump from damaging case use if case is not damaged Replaces oil pump back half, Billet alum. $89.00
BRNY Case Saver, NP 246 Washer type protect rear case half from pump damage $39.95
404220A Rear Output Bearing $31.54
482860 Rear M/S Bearing Outer Snap Ring $3.10
325287 Input & Front Output Outer Bearing .630 Wide $16.25
411210 Apply Plate Bearing $22.50
411240 Input Pocket Bearing $10.09
303211A Front Output Shaft/Rear Bearing In Rear Case $7.98
NV19019 Input 32 spline 4L80E $94.50
NV19020 Input, 27 spline, 4L60 w/ .630" Wide Input Bearing $99.50
NV22463 Mainshaft NP246 Nto, All 1998-On $124.00
482678 Front Output Shaft $122.96
HV-072 Chain GMT800 Chain, 1.25" Wide, 98 Pins, 3/8" Pitch, Rocker Pins, 3 Blue Links full size SUV's 1999-On $108.95
HV-063 Chain One Blue Link 1.25" Wide 3/8 Pitch, 98 Pitches, Rocker 1998, Early 1999 $111.81
401805 Sprockets Drive/Driven 1.250" Wide $36.70ea
NV16686 / 371500 Pump Assembly, 38 Spline $48.72
16217 Oil Pump Filter Screen $4.88
NV17869R Planetary 6 Pinion $198.94
5012367AA Planet Thrust Washer $5.28
A411101 Friction Plate Kit includes 10 pieces 1999-On $53.20
12120 Steel Plates Kit includes 9 pieces 1999-On $26.28
482150 Clutch Apply Plate, Flat Face, No Pockets, aftermarket $52.82
52876 Apply Plate Bearing Hub/Race $38.80
Clutch Apply Plate With Pockets - Used Limited Availbility Early Apps Call
GM 89059643 Clutch Apply Plate Flat, NO Pockets Oem Part $103.33
AT22487 Clutch Wave Spring (Inside Bottome of Clutch Drum) $9.68
411250 Drum Bear (Needle Rear) $10.30
482970 Inner Clutch Hub Spring $16.00
246-Clutch Shim 8 Different Thicknesses, Must Know Width Before Ordering Aver. Cost 25.00 New Ea.
411849 Range Fork - with pads Cast # 26542 $69.81
NV40966 Mode Fork, Apply 2003-On 2003-On $79.00
37284 Updated Range Fork Pads 2 Required 2003-On $10.60 Pr
321840K Fork Pad Kit, non-updated $4.64
WT297-62 Bushing Tail Housing 32 Spline $7.95
NV30603 246 Rear Case Half, OEM Manufacturer 1998-On $220.00
NV42410 246 Front Case Half 2003-On $388.70
30597 246 Front Case Half 1999-On $389.35
45528 Shift Cam 2003-On $47.30
26162 Vent Tube Plastic $3.95
411436 Speed Sensor 2 Req $32.05
411074A Rear M/S Seal $9.88
411070 Input Shaft Seal $5.98
411081A Front Output Shaft Seal $11.98
NV17982 Range Slider Hub 1999-On $58.69
T-M109RAC Front Seal Installation Tool-Install Seal In One Easy Motion Works On 246,261,263 $119.98
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